a different kind of dry

Out here in the semi desert of the Karoo we are used to dry seasons and dry earth, even dry rivers and dry white wine. But never before has our hospitality run dry.

With the onslaught of Covid-19, its lockdowns and knock-ons, visitors to our little town have been scarce – since March!

We thought it would be unkind to post about the lovely attractions Prince Albert has to offer while you are locked up at home, but 120 000 days later we feel you might need a little digital escape.

The rules seem to be changing almost weekly, so I will refrain from saying what you can and can’t do – I will just share one of our shiniest gems with you, and hope you get to experience it, asap…

About half way down the main road you will find an impressive looking building – usually with a sign on the steps advertising a show.

The Showroom PA

The Showroom Theatre is a collaboration between local business woman Charon Landman and film maker Johnny Breedt. According to their website the building had been utilised for a variety of businesses and at one point had been a car dealership with a showroom. They thus decided to pay homage to that bit of history, naming their new theatre “The Showroom”, apt with its theatrical connotations.

The venue (which “in a normal year” seats 140) boasts state-of-the-art theatre and cinema equipment, making it suitable to facilitate and attract some of the countries top performers, but it also shows films and gets rented out for various celebrations.

One thing is for sure, when you next get the change to visit Prince Albert you need to pay this one a visit – don’t even look at what the sign outside says – it is always a treat.


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