Small town’s big cheese

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When you live in the middle of the great expanse of the Karoo you have to hope that your town is able to provide a few luxuries. Like proper dinner and a show (previous post), good coffee (next post) and good dairy products. Lucky for us Prince Albert has it all and if you’ve never turned in at the big sign for ‘Gay’s Guernsey Dairy’ (letterlik in die hoekie van die Hoof straat) then you are missing out.

What started as one woman and three cows supplying raw milk to the local school (and thus having a surplus during the school holidays) has evolved into an award winning dairy. Read about the interesting journey on their website, click here.

I mean, if this picture is enough to make any cheese lover’s mouth water.


The only problem with Gay’s is having to decide which multi-award winning cheese to leave behind – they make everything from feta and mozzarella; gouda and cheddar style cheeses to the Parma Prince - a Parmesan style, matured for a year or more…

Slice fresh bread, drizzle with olive oil and break out the cheese – what more do you need?



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